Investment strategies

Making money is your passion and investing it is ours…


When it comes to investing in stocks there is no one size that fits all! Trying to build an ideal foundation for your investments? Best way is to design a customized investment strategy. At Khajana we understand that pursuing your passion takes lots of energy and time, leaving very little time to manage your earnings. That’s the reason we are here. Offering you the most needed support and ensuring best possible ROI. As it is our passion!

At Khajana we believe – Investment strategy is nothing but a plan with specific time horizon, predefined risk, continuous tracking and systematic execution of trades without intervention of human emotions.

Here we use the tool of automated trading solution to handle risk factors. Our two step risk management in automated trading approach includes timely execution of trade and all the time in the market with Predefining risk. Our entire team of dealers have 10+ years of expertise in the same field. They are here to execute the strategy in most systematic and disciplined manner.

People who are most likely to get benefited through our strategies are Investors

  • Have Trading and Broking account with any Stock broker or bank
  • Have Equity portfolio in their D-mat account
  • Want to invest directly in Shares and stocks
  • Have Regular income with less time to manage their hard earned money
  • Looking ahead to build retirement/child education& marriage Corpus


Equity is one of the significant asset classes. Its primary objective is to offer capital growth or appreciation. Khajana continues to innovate and establish research based trading strategies that extend our intellectual capital and experience to enhance your private equity investments.

Talking in terms of numbers, our research says 60% times the markets are in downtrends, and 40% times it can assure you best returns, during its uptrend. We encompass two unique strategies to ride this uptrend.

  • In the first strategy you can actively manage your investment with pre-defined risk and ride the uptrend.
  • And through our second strategy, we try to inculcate the habit of continuous investment in equity. The beauty of the strategy lies in – the tenure – minimum 10 years! And investment amount as low as 1 lakh! The strategy mainly includes; identifying and accumulating Small business which you feel has huge up scaling potential.


Derivatives don’t have their own value; it is a financial instrument whose value depends on the future value of their underlying assets. Unlike equity the derivatives can give quick and high returns even during the downtrend of the market. Only requirement is a definite and proven strategy and a dedicated professional who can execute it in most proficient manner.

‘Stop loss mechanism’, of entry and exit is used to limit the losses and maximize the profit. The best part is existing shares can be used as a security margin for trading on trends.

We support traders with Algorithmic trading support and help them develop trading models as per their specification of predefined entry, exit, stop loss, profit booking execution strategy.

We utilize our vast trade execution experience and deep industry knowledge to create value for our clients throughout the economic cycle.